Sunday, January 28, 2007

Been really busy with projects and grandchildren. Had the big birthday party on the 21st. Made a scarf and a purse since then now i got to get ready to move into a new home.. My blog is under constructions that is why its looking wierd at the moment my graphic psp guru is sooooooooooooo
Here is my first project i was working on the scarf. I was using the yarn bee even tho i love the colors didnt like how it turned out so my knitting friend told me to use just the knit stitch instead of knit purl so im going to make a pink one for my niece in law birthday and a pink fat bottom purse.
As for purses this is my second project i was working that i finished.
And here is a finished project i didnt use bamboo because my daughter didnt want it but my next one im using it.

Here are the pink and muliticolor fat bottoms im making at the moment.

I got some pics of my grandaughter party its was much fun and she had a blast.
Tinkerbell was the theme it was so cute and the cake hmmm dont like cake much but this cake was good. So sweet and creamy infact i think i went into a sugar coma later that evening lol. They had pizza, ice cream and cake not bad for a rollar rink plus golf and skating and games and only 8 dollars per kids beats the other places we had a blast my grandaughter is on the right in this last pic that is her friend on the left. Here is a little something i came across its a Crochet Survival Kit

When in doubt or when problems arise,
reach for your survival kit.

It contains:

A help you lick your stitch problems

A case you run out of yarn and you just have
to crochet

A PAPER use as a crochet hook in an emergency

A you won't starve when you can't take time away
from crochet to eat

A help you pinpoint pattern problems

A PIECE OF help you tie up loose ends


A that you have enough "cents" to realize what
a valuable asset you are to other Crocheters!

Found some really good recipe site here is one i like it alot also try this one Mrs Jones it has alot of links to good recipe sites. Well its time to go have a good week..

Saturday, January 20, 2007

It Feels like spring its warm here to me in sc even tho it says its 43 degrees. Going to have a busy week Katelynn big party at the rollar rink sunday today going shopping for party. But i wanted to show you the potholder and dishcloth i made for my I love my Kitchen im almost done. I just need to get a recipe and a mystery gift for the kitchen. Well time to go shopping a girl got to do what a girl got to do heeheh

have a good weekend ;)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Today is my Grandaughters Birthday Katelynn she is 6yrs old today she is my rock. Sunday we are having a big party at the rollar rink you know skateing, pizza, ice cream and cake she is going to have fun they even have golf. This picture is taken at chucky cheese omg it was crazy so loud i couldnt think but it was so much fun for the kids. Thats Katelynn in the monster truck.

Im almost done with scarf im also working on the hat that is almost done changing back and forth. My friends in Texas where i worked at says they are stuck at home with the ice storm how fun for them they could get caught up on things around the house no work ...Here is a picture that says HMMMMMMMMM??? lol

Well i need to put the scarf down and start on my I love kitchen swap i will make a potholder while watching American Idol soooo funny i hope they dont make to much fun of people sometimes it sad to watch.. I want to see more great singers than bad because they are just all there to be on Tv not to compete... i guess its frustrating weed out the bad from the good. Tonight we are having a ice storm ugh i hate them cant drive. I love this picture i grew up with Godzilla isnt this cute look getting ready to attack Japan heheheh. I think that is why i like Power Rangers because it being japanese stories. When my son was little i bought him a giant Godzilla and he played with it and slept with for years lol. We would watch the movies together that was good memories.Well thats all folks for the day i hope your safe from the storms and staying warm it would be great to have a fireplace right this moment i live around pines never run out of wood heheh.
hugs kat

Monday, January 15, 2007

Hello im here to say i went shopping at Joanns and Hobby Lobby got a great bargain on some yarn. I also started a scarf for my daughter and i hope to make a hat as well . I bought some material for my YoYo swap as well.. YoYo Six is now starting Here is YoYo Swap 7 i just added it today so come to Swap bot and check it out. Joanns was having a great sale so was Hobby Lobby..Here is a pic of my yarn i aquired over the weekend. It was for .99 cents a skein Yarn Bee Extremes regular 5.22. Its so soft and does shed a little but i can knit and crochet with it . I get some yarn i cant do anything with.

This yarn is cotton yarn was the big roll for 2 for $3.00 at Joanns . Plan to make potholder and dishcloths. It will be for my I love kitchen swap that starts today.I started a scarf with the yarn bee i love the colors are green pink blue black the scarf is coming out beautiful. Will post when i am done. I hope to have eneough for the hat also. Its so easy to work with i love it. Going back to Hobby Lobby and get the rest of the yarn they have on sale .They are having a 80% off so run on down and if you live in columbia Sc.. dont buy it all lol.Here is a pic of my kitty his name is Garfield i wonder why lol. He likes to sleep while im knitting on my bed and then he snuggles around the yarn. Its so funny he sleeps everywhere his favorite place is just in the middle of the floor..Heres a pic of my crzy grandaughter lol i just love her. If anyone has a idea for a potholder or a good pattern please let me know i like to try new stuff.
On a personal side I want to start the new Bob Greene Best Life Diet. I hope to start it this week i saw it on Oprah today and thought it was a good diet to start this year. Speaking of food here is Rachael Site i love her cooking. Here is my other passion Tarts they smell so good Try this site they are good prices and the lady is very nice. Well thats it for now hope you have a good week Happy Crafting hugs kat

Friday, January 12, 2007

Spring where are ya im ready .. In March we are having a family renuion at Mrytle Beach cant wait im about a 2 hours drive from there and just itching to go.. I got my Potholder exchange finished and ready to mail here is some pics. I had to make 2 of them and 2 recipes cards. The first pothoder is made to pick up any pot they were made with cotton yarn. This is a purse potholder i crochet it and then double it up to where you can grap a cookie sheet with no problem.
I'm back to working on my YoYo exchange and quilt plus im working on I love my Kitchen swap.
Here is a funny pic i got i just laugh my pants off (not panties lol)
hahaa i bet the wife is saying i aint washing them. And this pic is tooo funny .. it reminds me of that insurance duck aflec..
I have a copy of Laura Wheeler the Last Supper #2828 on auction if you like to check it out. You can download a free Scrapin Kit at this blog. An another free kit blog. Look at this one tooo. Here is a Yarn site pretty cool stuff okay thats it for now have a blessed week hugs kat

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hahaha what winter besides Colorado getting slam bless them we have weather in the 60's and 70's some rain but where is the cold i was actually hot. Everyone is sick because of the hot cold weather. Talk about nasty Colds we have had in our family. We need a break lol. Not fun being sick thru the holidays. Since i have been living with my daughter and her 3 young sweeties of course they bring home colds from school and bam i got it ..havent had a cold in 6 years. Well the school can have it back we dont want it ..On to some fun...Sign up for my Blog updates on the right hand side of my blog..
I have to put down the USC afghan im making and work on my swaps at swap bot. Have to make two potholders i have one done but im going to work on another one. Here is a pattern of one im going to make Pink mitt Im going to make it as a potholder and here is the pattern, just tweak it a little. YoYos Swap is now going on you must sign up before the 15th here is the info.
Craftypiggie's YoYo Swap #6
Swap Homepage:
Swap-bot URL:
Swap Coordinator: craftypiggie (contact)
Swap categories: Sewing
Number of people in swap: 5
Last day to signup/drop: January 15, 2007
Date items must be sent by: January 31, 2007
Number of swap partners: 1

Hello, This is Round two of making YoYos You want to make a YoYo Quilt or other items and share in different material well this swap is for you. This swap will only be in Usa sorry neighbors. it will be 25 yoyos to one partner. These YoYos will be a circle of 5 inches round.Use a cd as the size of yoyo. When sewn they are 2 1/4inches round. They must be this measurement to insure a perfect YoYo Quilt. This Swap will start Jan 15th and all YoYos must be mailed by Jan 31st. I hope we can continue this swap to make us the perfect quilt. IF THERE IS MORE THAN 15 SIGN UPS WE WILL HAVE 2 PARTNERS I WILL CHANGED THAT THE DAY BEFORE SIGN UP DATE. ANY QUESTIONS EMAIL ME please join my list at yahoo groups for fun thank you hugs kat Here are a few awesome sites i found with YoYos. A YoYo Maker this is quite interesting and afordable and this one, tells about it. I think im going to get one.

Some exciting tv tonight im looking forward to the grease reality show there is not to many i like but this is catching my eye i think its going to be a fun show. Here is a few books im showcasing this time. Click on Picture for details at auction.And here are a few of my Ebooks that i will send to you at my sites.Well thats it now thanks for viewing my blog i appreaciate any feedback. Here is a cool Blog i found today about Copy Cat Recipes. Awesome and here is a song for you i found hehehe