Saturday, July 28, 2007

I feel very hello kitty today lol.. Yes i made two purses for children
with hello kitty theme. They came out cute and they are up at Esty
Here is the first one for a small girl

It was fun making them my camera not to great but they came out cute. The next one is real pink but the camera shows it to be pale. It has a cute linning as well so what do you think? Okay im hello kitty out working on a big bag for adults lol have a nice week

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hi all just wanted to show my bunny purse i made and is up
at auction at It was fun making .At the moment im making a black cat hopefully bigger chamber of bag. That was the onlyproblem making the bunny the inside of bag is to small. but it came out sooooooo cute. My grandaughter laugh and giggle the whole time i worked on it. Here is the link to the auction i hope you comment on the bunny ..thanks hugs kat

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lol kids driving me nuts please i need school to start lol waaaaaa..
Update my daughter is okay just bruised and sore on medication tho missed only one day of work..Thank God she is okay..

Well i have been crocheting alot here is a few purses..
This purse i made turn out good i also made a credit card holder here is a pic of the inside.The flower button was a inspiration from i forgot i use to make them buttons.
Here is a pic of the purse i made for my daughters birthday came out good come on people i need your opionions lol. My camera doesnt help 200 dollar camera and it sucks lol. The inside is paisleys material real matching and cute. Im also using it to make a credit card holder.

Now here is a pic of what im making next ...
I will start out with bunny i already got orders lol.
Then of course i want to make the piggy its very
pink and cute.

Okay well time to go have a good weekend till next time.
happy crafting hugs kat

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hi a quick note been so busy here with summer and i got bad news my daughter got in a bad car wreck so if im not around ugh im with the kids. She is okay just banged up real bad and sore.
I wanted to show you the purse i made a few days ago and im working on a green and brown one with wooden handles. It has pink felt lining the felt that the pic is laying on.
I Crocheted the flowers and added cute flower buttons and embroried the leave on green felt. It was real fun to make. I got it for sale at me esty.

Here is a pic of a Indian Wedding Doll that a friend made me a long time ago im selling it at etsy also.
Well i got to go for now take care
hugs kat

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wanted to wish you all a Happy 4th of July. We are going to a
Peach Festival with the Fireworks and all going to be fun and
hot lol. Kids will enjoy the park and all the peach fixins i know my grandson Joshua will like it loves peaches. So what is your plans for the 4th???
Here is what i have been working on . Im addicted to making needlebooks so here is a few i have made.
This one is Winnie the Pooh with pages. Paisley is the other one i love paisley fabric It has pockets and pages for your pins and floss
I have these in my Esty shop.

I made a couple Credit card holders that my daughter snagged and im using one to.

I will post is later my camera is being used lol.

Well back to my creations hope all is well hugs kat