Friday, May 22, 2009

I took some pictures of things i have been working.I made some flowers and a little basket that holds pins.

They are great for appliques can be used for many craft projects like purses, pins, girls hair accessories.

I made a cute pincushion its a basket.
I have all these up to my bonanzle booth come
check it out. It s a great site for
selling so if you sign up come and say hi. hugs kat

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hi been awhile since i posted been busy a bit with kids and life. Went to Myrtle beach for a week and loved every bit of it.

Here is a few things i have worked on. A water bottle bag for a little girl. And some dishcloths. Different colors and working on flowers.
I have made a few other things but i need to take some pics.
My birthday is coming up it will be 5 years of cancer free weeeeeeeeeeeee
what more can i say heheheh

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hi i wanted to share my strawberry shortcake doll i made for Katelynn on her 8th birthday.
I made it from the strawberry shortcake doll book and it was very easy the shirt was a bit annoying lol but i got thru it i think i could of done better but she loves it. Strawberry shortcake has short hair but i changed that i put bangs and pony tails. Im in a crochet im working on a backpack it might be a frog im not sure im just working on the body at the moment will post when i finish.Thanks for looking have a good day..
hugs kat

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meet Cocoa she loves megan . I made this for my daughter in law megan shhhh dont tell her it for christmas.
I had fun making him i got the pattern here. My Grand daughter Katelynn made the necklace it was her idea
and my 4 year old said Grandma he needs a hat lol. The only thing i didnt like was that the stuffing showed alot
on the legs and arms so i told a freind of mine and she mention that they sell colored stuffing like brown and black
so i learned something new today so for my future amirgurumi i can use color stuffing.. Christmas around the corner so im so busy trying to get my gifts finished so i want to wish you a happy thanksgiving and make sure you dont eat to much heheheh hugs kat

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello been a long time since i posted so busy with crafts.. So far i have been doing swaps at swap bot and making a bunch of dishcloths and working on yoyos. I have so far designed 9 YoYo dolls using the clover tools. And even a crochet yoyo piggie.
On my yoyo blog i have added a tutorial that you can download to use the clover round tool.

Been sick with colds brought home from school and gearing up for Halloween.
Kids so far are going to be superman, spiderman and a vampiress. Real cute will post pics when i get them lol.

I also joined plumdrop it tells you about me and my sites. Plumdrop is a site where crafty people have joined it has etsy sellers as well as other online sites.

You can see my designs of yoyos at my yoyo-along blog..well have a good halloween holiday have fun and be safe.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hi i haven't posted in a long time thats because i have been working on my yoyo blog as well as family coming to visit. I havent crochet much but i am working on a ripple afghan. It coming out great. I also have been working on my yoyo projects and have designed 9 yoyo patterns to use with you nifty yoyo tools. I also am working on my yoyo afghan that will take time to make. As for my health walking is a challenge but so far as remission i was 4 years on june 4th my 50th birthday cancer free. I feel so grateful to say that and blessed. During the spring and summer craft projects take a back burner .. One its hot two the lake is down the street hehehe we go like every other day especially since kids are home from school and my daughter works nights which makes it good summer days. Even tho south carolina weather is crazy two times we had to come home because of crazy storms surprising us. I did get the two older kids to start to loom . Kniffty loomers are good kid projects if they can keep up with it. Well back to work and play have a good day kat

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yep its been a while since i posted i have been so busy with my yoyo and my clubs havent crocheted much working on some scarfs. here is one i have at my etsy shop.

Its a queen lace and its light blue made with simply soft im now working on a light pink which i think is much better color.

I wanted to show some of my yoyos that i have designed and put up at my stores.

You can check out my YoYo site and my esty shop. I having so much fun making them i just added a kitten, cat, raggedy anne, bumble bee,monkey, that i have designed and the elephant i made. Whats been great many are using them for charity which i dont mind they are for personal and charity use only and the patterns can not be sold. But since i have seniors in my heart to hear them using my designs to make them for charity im sooooooooooooo honored. Im setting up a photogallery for all of the pics of yoyo dolls made . okay well back to designing and crocheting hope you all have a bless day.
hugs kat