Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yep its been a while since i posted i have been so busy with my yoyo and my clubs havent crocheted much working on some scarfs. here is one i have at my etsy shop.

Its a queen lace and its light blue made with simply soft im now working on a light pink which i think is much better color.

I wanted to show some of my yoyos that i have designed and put up at my stores.

You can check out my YoYo site and my esty shop. I having so much fun making them i just added a kitten, cat, raggedy anne, bumble bee,monkey, that i have designed and the elephant i made. Whats been great many are using them for charity which i dont mind they are for personal and charity use only and the patterns can not be sold. But since i have seniors in my heart to hear them using my designs to make them for charity im sooooooooooooo honored. Im setting up a photogallery for all of the pics of yoyo dolls made . okay well back to designing and crocheting hope you all have a bless day.
hugs kat

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