Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hi all its been awhile since i posted the holidays was a bit crazy now its over yeah lol..I was busy making stuff and i picked up to new habbits bead banners and the knifty Loom. So far i have been working on a church window banner that i got 40 percent off at hobby lobby.
The kniffy loom i got at joanns for 30 percent off it had the green red and long loom and flower loom.
I did get the blue one but its a generic version so its pink i still need the yellow.. so far i have made 3 hats one for Joshua one for my daughter and katelynn.
My grandaughter katelynn almost 7 is so mad about crafts she just cant get anything right and usually gives up. But she is a champ at looming. If you have someone who is 6 and up this is the craft for them. She has made two hats for her stuff animals and it now working on one for here brother a red white and blue hat.
My set came with a flower loom which i made flowers for the hat i made for katelynn.
I also made a mp3 holder for my mp3 santa brought me

look how cute she will wear it on the side. Well i also fell in love with a pattern for yoyo but im going to post that on my yoyo blog...well have a good week hugs kat



Michelle said...

I just did a podcast on Loom Knitting. I've been selling tons of them in my shop. under show notes and ep 25 is the shownotes with links to free instructions.

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