Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yep its the holidays and im working on my annual christmas family movie the picture to the right is katelynn at chucky cheese and i dressed it up with some bling lol ..its so fun to make the family movie for the year i have birthdays, outings easter, halloween, all kinds of fun things and graphics and music. I have been busy making hats for the kids here is one i made in a day and terrence will not take it off lol.

I made a few other things like snowflakes and washcloths. Those sugar and cream washcloths are so nice in the shower i love them. Working on a Granny square afghan to get rid of some yarn i have left over.. Made a lamb didnt like how it came out but hes cute will take pics later. Been so busy with kids and stuff havent been on my blog since halloween. Kids battling a virus and they just got flu shot my terrence is not recovering well its lingering with him ugh..Its a kid virus all of the kids at school is getting it. Guess what it almost Christmas ugh ugh ..

Okay well back to the crocheting i hope you all are having great wonderful snowy holidays..