Sunday, October 15, 2006

Its been a month since I have been here . Wow i have alot to talk about. First off its going to be Halloween my favorite Holiday. The kids are already ready Katelynn will be a vampire princess, Josh is a spiderman and Terrence will be a cop lol. Cant wait for halloween they will have fun. Went on Friday the 13th and saw Grudge 2 OMG it was scary but it was funny my daughter took me to a nice chinese restraunt and we were sooooo full and then to the movie . She hid the whole time under my jacket behind me i watch the whole thing...I love spookys not gorry but spooky ..go see it ..its a good movie for the season. Click on cute pumkin kids it will take you to a pumpkin carving site. Now back to business i have been so busy i went for my check up at my Oncology dr and had a ct scan and blood work and it came out awesome better than 6 months ago im so blessed... Thank you Lord. Now my Grandsons Birthday was last month here is a pic of him with one of the cakes my daughter got him ..his very own cake . He had a blast and believe me he was blue head to toe when he got done eating his cake plus his sister came and help. I'm moving on to my crafts i made a hat for the kids and i also made another purse for a Christmas exchange im doing on a club list.

Here is a pic of the hat i made. I used the red white blue yarn i had it will fit over there ears to keep them warm i crocheted the hat and braided the straps. cute huh? Its getting cold so i need to finish making some for the boys. Here is a pic of the purse i was working on its like the other one i made in this blog a few months ago i think august. The bag was crocheted a bit taller than the other one and its green and off white in color i also made a small purse for kleenex.

Well thats all for now i will post in a bit just been so busy this is the way i feel right now