Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello been a long time since i posted so busy with crafts.. So far i have been doing swaps at swap bot and making a bunch of dishcloths and working on yoyos. I have so far designed 9 YoYo dolls using the clover tools. And even a crochet yoyo piggie.
On my yoyo blog i have added a tutorial that you can download to use the clover round tool.

Been sick with colds brought home from school and gearing up for Halloween.
Kids so far are going to be superman, spiderman and a vampiress. Real cute will post pics when i get them lol.

I also joined plumdrop it tells you about me and my sites. Plumdrop is a site where crafty people have joined it has etsy sellers as well as other online sites.

You can see my designs of yoyos at my yoyo-along blog..well have a good halloween holiday have fun and be safe.

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