Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Today is my Grandaughters Birthday Katelynn she is 6yrs old today she is my rock. Sunday we are having a big party at the rollar rink you know skateing, pizza, ice cream and cake she is going to have fun they even have golf. This picture is taken at chucky cheese omg it was crazy so loud i couldnt think but it was so much fun for the kids. Thats Katelynn in the monster truck.

Im almost done with scarf im also working on the hat that is almost done changing back and forth. My friends in Texas where i worked at says they are stuck at home with the ice storm how fun for them they could get caught up on things around the house no work ...Here is a picture that says HMMMMMMMMM??? lol

Well i need to put the scarf down and start on my I love kitchen swap i will make a potholder while watching American Idol soooo funny i hope they dont make to much fun of people sometimes it sad to watch.. I want to see more great singers than bad because they are just all there to be on Tv not to compete... i guess its frustrating weed out the bad from the good. Tonight we are having a ice storm ugh i hate them cant drive. I love this picture i grew up with Godzilla isnt this cute look getting ready to attack Japan heheheh. I think that is why i like Power Rangers because it being japanese stories. When my son was little i bought him a giant Godzilla and he played with it and slept with for years lol. We would watch the movies together that was good memories.Well thats all folks for the day i hope your safe from the storms and staying warm it would be great to have a fireplace right this moment i live around pines never run out of wood heheh.
hugs kat

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