Friday, January 12, 2007

Spring where are ya im ready .. In March we are having a family renuion at Mrytle Beach cant wait im about a 2 hours drive from there and just itching to go.. I got my Potholder exchange finished and ready to mail here is some pics. I had to make 2 of them and 2 recipes cards. The first pothoder is made to pick up any pot they were made with cotton yarn. This is a purse potholder i crochet it and then double it up to where you can grap a cookie sheet with no problem.
I'm back to working on my YoYo exchange and quilt plus im working on I love my Kitchen swap.
Here is a funny pic i got i just laugh my pants off (not panties lol)
hahaa i bet the wife is saying i aint washing them. And this pic is tooo funny .. it reminds me of that insurance duck aflec..
I have a copy of Laura Wheeler the Last Supper #2828 on auction if you like to check it out. You can download a free Scrapin Kit at this blog. An another free kit blog. Look at this one tooo. Here is a Yarn site pretty cool stuff okay thats it for now have a blessed week hugs kat


Lisa said...

Great to see you found someone else to help you with the percentage bars. If you still need help please let me know. I have my sattelite internet up now so it's easier to help if you need it.

kathy said...

Thank you i found the information at Yarn Tomato thank you for your help hugs kat

Patty said...

Nice job on the potholders!