Sunday, January 28, 2007

Been really busy with projects and grandchildren. Had the big birthday party on the 21st. Made a scarf and a purse since then now i got to get ready to move into a new home.. My blog is under constructions that is why its looking wierd at the moment my graphic psp guru is sooooooooooooo
Here is my first project i was working on the scarf. I was using the yarn bee even tho i love the colors didnt like how it turned out so my knitting friend told me to use just the knit stitch instead of knit purl so im going to make a pink one for my niece in law birthday and a pink fat bottom purse.
As for purses this is my second project i was working that i finished.
And here is a finished project i didnt use bamboo because my daughter didnt want it but my next one im using it.

Here are the pink and muliticolor fat bottoms im making at the moment.

I got some pics of my grandaughter party its was much fun and she had a blast.
Tinkerbell was the theme it was so cute and the cake hmmm dont like cake much but this cake was good. So sweet and creamy infact i think i went into a sugar coma later that evening lol. They had pizza, ice cream and cake not bad for a rollar rink plus golf and skating and games and only 8 dollars per kids beats the other places we had a blast my grandaughter is on the right in this last pic that is her friend on the left. Here is a little something i came across its a Crochet Survival Kit

When in doubt or when problems arise,
reach for your survival kit.

It contains:

A help you lick your stitch problems

A case you run out of yarn and you just have
to crochet

A PAPER use as a crochet hook in an emergency

A you won't starve when you can't take time away
from crochet to eat

A help you pinpoint pattern problems

A PIECE OF help you tie up loose ends


A that you have enough "cents" to realize what
a valuable asset you are to other Crocheters!

Found some really good recipe site here is one i like it alot also try this one Mrs Jones it has alot of links to good recipe sites. Well its time to go have a good week..

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