Sunday, June 03, 2007

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Its my birthday so I'm celebrating with a Contest.
Yep On June 4th I will be celebrating my 49th birthday .I'm proud to say because
its also 3 years cancer freeeeeeeeeeee ! 3 years ago on my birthday i had a hysterectomy due to endometrial cancer after chemo , internal radiation I'm here today. Thank god for good Dr's in Texas!!! Okay on to the Contest After the contest i want to show you stuff i have made.
So lets have fun.
Here is the guidelines.
1. You will post on your site about my contest and my link.
2. You will list 5 craft wishes. (tools, materials, kits etc...)
3. Name 5 of your favorite patterns or kits. Links would be great.
4. When finish come back to my blog and comment your finish site leave a link
and add any other comments.
5 . And important comment is what site you saw this contest leave a link.
6. Last but least you need to find a graphic its hiding on my site and email me the
the whereabouts it is. Here is a clue I'm Pink, I'm little, I'm adorable. I sometimes get muddy I can be a handful.
Email me the name of graphic you will get a extra ticket in drawing. Please email your link site and the name of the graphic to
The Contest will end June 20th. I will put your name in a drawing for the big prize.
I will also have drawing for some extra stuff i have . When you email me i will put your name in a box and my kids will draw on the 20th.
Here is the big prize plus a surprise.

They are all brand new never been use.
I also have small gifts i will be handing out they
will be a surprise. Always nice to get something
in the mail. is your one stop myspace layout resource

Okay i like to show off some of projects i finished.
The first one a purse i made for my friend pluse i crochet a pink potholder and blue dishcloth for her kitchen which i forgot to take
pics. I Lined it. I also finished a pink purse for my grandaughter
it turned out pretty good its a flat bottom purse
which im at the moment working on mine with wood handles
So what do you think? Time to go
i just got back from Joanns got some material and purse handles and great
cross stitch books. Have a great day
and good luck with contest i hope it will be fun for ya. Hugs kat


monique said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.
There must be some sewing links on the internet with patterns. I just did mine as I went along, without a pattern.
I see that you had your birthday yesterday, so congratulations!
And 3 years cancer free, how wonderful!
You have a lovely blog full of lovely things you made. I will be coming by more.
Take care.

Jen!~ said...

Love the bags. Happy Belated B-day and Congrats on being Cancer fre. Now I'm off to do my part for the contest.

Deneen said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and congrats on being cancer free!