Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dish Apron and Crochet hand bag
Hi just wanted to share some projects that i just finished a few days ago. Dont forget to look below at that great contest that is going on. Make sure you mention my blog.
The first project was a bag. I used cotton plus and peaches and cream. It turned out pretty good. The fun part was doing the lining. Its greens and blues are so pretty the pictures dont bring out the colors.Then i wanted to make a apron for my dishsoap.
I came up with this its soooooo cute going to make a green one next.
Makes a good kitchen swap hmmmmm i guess
I will have to put one up at swap bot. Speaking
of swap bot hurry go get in the yoyo swap..
Oh and speaking of yoyo i have a special angel that
is sending me 2 packs of the flower yoyos maker
cant wait to get started on those. Well any comments
on my projects i love to hear ya and please comment what
you think would be a good contest on a blog. Before you leave pick up a few pieces of this colorful candy. Have a great day hugs kat

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