Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's sprink break for the kids here. Omg that means spending all day at home what are we going to do. Well today i wanted to show you my yarn stash i got yesterday at AC Moore. My daughters took me shopping and resturants and Friday nite we went to Five points sat and had Starbucks got a bit cold so we moved on the the Vista. These places has so much culture its a area for the College USC so it had alot of young fresh minds roaming around. I wanted to be 21 at that moment.

Here is the Yarn i bought 2 Modea Dea Sassy Stripes Crayon Color and TLC Cotton Plus Thistle color. And one green for my Ripple Afghan i have started. I started the Sock yarn Modea on a circ and doing the Magic Loop so far its coming out okay need to practice more i might have to rip it out but im going to take a pic it will be my first sock so excited i can finaly do ML and dpn.. But im liking the ML alot. Here is a pic of my Ripple i started the pic doesn't do it justice but is a real pretty autumn colors.

Please dont forget to sign up for the YoYo #8 swap at swap bot. I think so far we have 6 that is joined and 2 more interested. So come have some fun swaping YoYos.
I can tell that im going to go crazy with grandkids with school being out got to find some projects for them. I have been seeing many blogs coming out with Flash your Stash Yarn. So happy Stash Yarn day you have been Flashed.


CrochetManiacs said...

Hey Kathy, I signed up for the coasters.... What dod I do now? I haven't heard from anyone yet and don't know who I send to. The Swap Bot is rather new to me and I need just a tad of help to make sure I do it right and don't miss out on who I send to and all.
I am just an old fogey without a clue sometimes, LOL!

kathy said...

Hi there when you sign up at swap bot and then join in the swap they will let you know a week ahead of time when it starts and then they will send a email telling you to go to swap bot to view your partners its real easy you will get the hang of it hugs kat

CrochetManiacs said...

Thanks girl, I just did not want to be behind when just getting started. I and so anxious to get going with you guys in some swaps now that I know there are a few that can be crocheted :)