Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm updating on my activies. First off its my grandson Joshua 5th birthday he will be celebrating at his dads house but we had Oreo chocolate cake and presents last nite and saturday its his day to mcdonalds and Teenage mutant turtles movie cant wait im a big fan . My kids grew up watching them. booo hooo josh doesnt feel well today got a bad cold.

As for my Projects i decided not to work on the below afghans but to work on a ripple ghan i went to the ripple along site and fell in love with ripples now im trying to find a good pattern i have lots of left over yarn i can make all colors. I think i have started the dpn socks. Yes i can knit on them it took days to learn i didn make half a sock and ripped it out because it looked funky but now that i have the nack im going to get some good yarn and start being serious and make my first basic sock if anyone has a good pattern and a good choice of yarn comment me plz.

I have some swaps i need to start working on first is the yoyo swap i have and then i have a cup of tea and a coaster. Im going to crochet a coaster i will post a pic when im finish. Then i have the 5 envelope gifts to mail not to sure about that one yet i do have little crochet bunnies i have that i can put in a small envelope the pic is not to great they are cute have a bow and cute cotton tail and you pin them on your shirt or vest.Ive added music to this blog and a message box you can just leave me a message and i also added a button board at bottom of the blog you can add your button to your site. Only crafty friendly sites please. I can delete them if they are not approriate ty ty. The music box is below this blog and you can pause it or stop it if you dont want to listen to music. I picked a variety of songs im really a metal head has been since i grew up in the 70's but i like all kinds of music you can go to my myspace and listen to some hard stuff hehehe myspace link is in my great links on side bar.
I also added a flickr box where i have leaflets for 2.00 yep thats including shipping i only have a few so if you want one per customer please email me at click on the flickr box and it will show you the patterns i also opened a Esty shop i put a few leaflets in there that is also on my side bar under auctions. My problem is when i make something i give it away can keep anything to sell so right at the moment its leaflets. Okay thats it for now any questions just comment away...i guess im catching joshes cold ugh ugh ugh. The Pollen here is so bad everthing is green . We go outside and our car is covered never seen that before .

Here is the reason i get up in the morning meet Terrence he is a handful and is in his terrible 2's .I took joshes pic so he had to have his done and put on Grandmas site ain't he cute. Time to go i think i will go and knit a sock ...(yeah right) well at least get it started to where is looks like a sock and practice before i get my expensive yarn and please comment me if you know a good sock yarn and cheap cheap cheap got to keep it down at least for today so have a blessed day!! Hugs Kat

Update : March 29th : I found a great ripple pattern i was looking for the round look than the pointed look. Im going to start it tonight . Im really liking the magic loop . I can now use dpn but i seem to have a ladder problem and the magic loop is so much easier now to get some good yarn im allways drooling at the yarns on the web and so many hand dye them its just not in my budget dont know what to do maybe the yarn god will bless me with a donation from someone hopefully in my family i need sock money lol.. I didn find one shop in a town its bit far from where i live so it might be cheaper to buy online too bad i dont have sheep in the back yard heheh cause with all the grandkids i got koolaid lol..hugs

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Joni said...

Hi there! I just wanted to make sure you're aware that your blog is in the queue for the Fiber Arts Bloggers ring, because you don't have any code up. I just sent you the code again--please let me know if you don't get it? I'd love to get you back in the ring. :)