Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday . What a Beautiful day in Sc, Sunny and Chilly.
Kids had their Egg hunt and Bq loved every minute of it. Wanted to wish all my friend Happy Easter. As for projects i have ripped out my first sock i think 6 times it starts to look good then omg downhill.. So far i have done about 15 rows and its looks okay but you know practice is the best thing.

Did some more rippling and made some YoYo's nut much time with Easter cooking.
What did you have? We had Bq chicken and sausage, Potato salad and macoroni salad.
Baked Beans, Banana Pudding and ranch butter grilled corn on the cob all home cooked.

It was awesome. Now im starving to get the weight off.

My easter present ;)

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Lucinda said...

We had the best Easter dinner -- going to my parent's house! We did bring a salad & a veggie though, so we didn't get off the hook completely. ;-)

Hopefully this time will do the trick for your sock!