Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Look at my Swaps ... I took some pictures of some of the swaps im doing at
Swap Bot. So far on the Lots of mail swap i got Purple material
(good swap need this for YoYos) I also got a post card that was from London ..
pretty cool. Then i got a notecard of shrek.
Here is a Pic of the bookmarkers i got for my swap bookmarkers.

Here is a article about healthy drinking coffee

Im also doing a swap i made called Tea and coaster. Here is the swap i made for my partner. I crocheted a coaster with Peaches and cream and couple tea bags and flower seeds
Hope my swap partner will like it. Here is a article about healthy tea drinking.

And here is my pic of my recent try at Ml making a sock. Hmm im only ripped it out
6 times so far this is the most i have knitted. Looks okay so far lol.
Well got to go make some YoYos for the quilt im making have a good week
hugs kat

I have a new swap up at swap bot its called Craftypiggie's Quilters Paradise here is the descriptionThis Swap is every Quilters Dream. You will be swaping with 2 swappers. No one with 4.0 rating or less can join. You will swap these items.
1. 8"squares of fabric 5 of them.
2. A spool of thread of any kind.
3. Ribbons of any kind any amount
4. Buttons of any kind any amount
5. Your favorite item that you quilt with (fabric,needle,thread,just some ideas)
6. A copy of their favorite Quilt pattern or instructions using fabric.
7. Quilt Template of any kind.
8. A paragraph about your self and what your Quilting.
9. A Quilter favorite Recipe (recipe card only)
10.This one is a freebie send what you like?
I hope you make this fun and please send things that you would want to get no trash please. This is rated G swap lol. Please email your partner when your going to mail for consideration. You should be able to use a 12 inch brown env. Usa only sorry international friends
Here is the link to join.

Here is another Swap i have made its called YoYos with a Twist here is the details

This Swap will be the continue of the YoYos we have been making but with a twist. No one can join with a rating of 4.0 or lower. This swap will be the 20 YoYos in a 5"template i use a cd to cut out the YoYos. The Twist is ..you will also send 6"inch squares of material 5 for each parnter. There will be 1 partner but if it passes 25 we will have 2 partners. You will also send your favorite recipe (recipe card only). Then last thing to swap is YoYo embellishments (no require amount just send something cute)it could be beads,baubles,threads,buttons,ribbons just a few to mention.Please send nice items no trash alowed and this is a G rated swap. Please try to have fun. this is Usa only sorry international friends. Email me if you have any trouble ty kat

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