Friday, September 08, 2006

It's my grandsons birthday today he is two years old. Took him to the park and put together his Go diego bike which he loves and boy was it fun . Going to barbeque this weekend and the cake thing. So he is one happy camper. Trying to clean the ice chest is a chore around him lol he loves water.

I just started two more swaps today Craft Item and YoYo round 2. Craft Item is a swap where you fill up a brown envelope 10 by 13 inches full of craft items you dont need and someone else would want. It will items of use and also you can send items that you have made from your stash the swap description tells more info.. and then round 2 of the fun YoYo Swap please go to My list below is a place for craftypiggies swapers to join in the fun.

Click here to join Craftypiggies_Swap_Bot
Click to join Craftypiggies_Swap_Bot

Well thats all for today Im busy making YoYos we have 6 who joined i hope more join on round 2.

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BMT said...

My phone's screen saver is my two sons in an ice chest of water...We were at my mother in laws and she didn't have a pool, so I improvised...I call it their ghetto pool...They loved it!!! It is still one of my favorite photo's even if it is 2 years old...