Friday, September 01, 2006

Well its been one of those weeks. With a Huricane, car breaking down, its been crazy .Well i did make a belt for katelynn it turn out pretty good will post pic later. I moved up the date on the Yoyo swap to give more time for people to join. I hope more join . Im working on a tiger blanket with the Tunsian stitch it will be white with black tiger and blue eye. Its done by a row count will post a pic when im done or at least part of it right now its a blur lol.

Talk about be crazy look at these cats these are toooooo cool hehehe. They are so into music. I laugh so loud when i see these hehehe enjoy. Some of these videos are not what i like to see but the cats was funny lol.

Cats Listening To Music - video powered by Metacafe
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