Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Isn't this pic toooo cute LOL. Well its a little cooler here in Sc but not much instead of 100 feeling like 115 . Its 91 feeling like 101. Has been raining I will takes some pics of the beautiful trees that surrounds me here in Gaston I love it so green. A few things IM going to write today about my Granddaughter first day at school and feature a pattern booklet I have on sell at my eBay store and other things on my mind. So thanks for coming and please sign my guestbook. This Blogging stuff is not as easy as I thought so bare with me I will get better with time LOL.

Today I like to talk about the pattern IM going to talk about today first off here is pictures. Sun Moon and Stars is a Cross Stitch book I sale at eBay and other auctions.Its by Linda Gillum it has 17 pages and sells for 6.00 but I sell it at eBay for 2.49 plus 2.00 shipping and it is brand new. Very cute projects it has for babies and children as well as for adults. I like the cow jump over the moon. If you have any questions email me at .

Here is a booklet that IM wishing for its a Japanese Amigurumi Volume 4 . I haven't made any of these yet but I would like to start at making the monkey in this book. These books are going crazy here in the States. Ebay sellers are taking advantage by selling this books outrageous prices.

On August 8th my granddaughter Katelynn went to her first day of kindergarten it was soo fun day for her when she got home she could not stop talking about all the things she was doing and her back pack was full of stuff to do at home. She told me i had to make some of those peanut butter cookies i make because they need snacks, she is use to staying home getting snacks. Even tho they have her favorite pizza at school. Well im working on a purse for my dear friend diane in Texas i will post some pics when im done. Its Hump day so i hope you all have a good week and i will leave with this to say lol

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