Sunday, August 06, 2006

Good Day Everyone,
Its a Sunday very quiet Grandkids went to Dads for the weekend so real quiet. Kids start school Tuesday IM looking forward to katelynn going to kindergarten. Going to take lots of pics.
In the meanwhile I am having a bit of a problem LOL

This week I have been searching for a online job I need a job waaaaaaaaaaaa its hard to find anything legit and most places want $$$ isn't there just a place that will give me a job free. Why do I need to pay someone to pay me for a job LOL help there got to be a job for a ex librarian who can type at least 50 words a minute .

I seen something funny today what a hooot! I need one or should say want one LOL

I made a new handbag its cute the pic doesn't do it justice I crocheted round and around. I used black redheart yarn and aqua color for stripe. What do you think?

Here is another view with the inside pockets

I spent all day loading up new craft booklets I got for ebay real cute cross stitch patterns there is some care bears , piggies, some religous and garden charts real nice ones.

IM going to close for the day by saying

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