Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm Back yeah yeah it took over a month to get cable back on to where i live. Yes i live in the wood love every beautiful quiet day out in the woods but there is draw backs with technology lol but we survived with out cable thanks to satelite but internet was not on and i had withdraws. Thanks to the library i could go and check my emails. I hate moving ugh but we are all in tip top shape and ready for anything that is thrown to us hehehe so i missed all my cyber friends. We are very much Irish in our family and we had a festival here is a pic of my daughters acting crazy and dressing up for the day.
Here in Columbia they had numerous rock band and the festival had tons of stuff to do.

Well as for crafts i had to put them done for a while but im back to making stuff ..At the moment im working on making a filet curtain for our kitchen, its a bit tedious so i put it down now im working on wanting to make a afghan here is where im torn i have two i want to work on.
This is the Bargello one im really torn to this one. The colors are pretty. But this other afghan is much time consuming and work its a Tunsian (afghan stitch) afghan which i can stitch in my sleep but has a twist its call carry along afghan. You Cross Stitch on each block i thought it would make a awesome Afghan Stitch exchange might take awhile tho..please comment on what you think. These Both afghans are in the book Blue Ribbon Afghans from Americas State Fairs great book!!!

Here is my crazy humor i thought this was sooooooooo funny got to laugh at least once a day.As for the rest of my crazy life i wanted to show of my grandbabies here is there school pics.

Found a Awesome needlework crochet site please click this
Well got to go for now will post soon Please Vote i like to see your opinons hugs kat


Put a Sock in it said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

I love the sampler afghan. The finished result is stunning, but I can imagine becoming quickly bored with working the same stitch over and over for the backgrounds. Mind you, if I made this, I don't think I'd be willing to give it away!

If you can't make up your mind, do both! ;)

CrochetManiacs said...

I would do the Bargello. Mind you, the sampler is beautiful, but I have always had trouble with the afghan stitch wanting to curl. And I agree, I would want to keep that one too.