Sunday, December 31, 2006

OMG i made it thru to another Holiday !!! Happy New Year Everyone!!! 2007 will be a better year i will pray for peace and love for the new YEAR.

Christmas was a great Holiday.
Here is my New Years Resolution heheheh.
1.LOOse Weight
2.Be kinder to my family
3.Think before i speak

YoYo Swap is still going on so please come sign up at swap bot and enjoy some fun i have gotten some beautiful YoYos for my Quilt im starting to put it together will take a pic soon.

I wanted to show you a few pic of my new ebooks i have for sell they are Crafty and fun for kids. Just click on pic has more info.
These are Adobe files they are Coloring pages that you can print its the new thing online now you can print color pages for your child . I have these at yahoo and loudfrog at the moment. Still adding them in. But i thought they were neat to share with you ...Come and check them out and they are listed at great prices.

Go to this link sooo cute.
Here is a Tunsian Rib hat pattern i thought it was done well.
Im looking for any help on making a gamecock afghan my family are big fans of Sc College.
Here is the emblem I want to put on the afghan I was thinking of using the Tunsian stitch and color change of Garnet and Black but the emblem im still figuring out. ???

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