Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yeah First Sock i completed it turned out okay i did it with circular
Magic Loop is soooooooooooooo easy. Turning the heel was a bit tricky
and my second sock is looking alot better but for the first sock ever
i think i did okay.. Its the winter sock pattern in the ML booklet.
I did have one little hole i must confess but you barely can see it. After ripping it out a few times i finally got the hang of it better than dpns thats for sure. Now im hooked
on sock yarn yep all sock yarn i went crazy and bought some to dye. Here is 2 skeins i bought from knitpiks very good price.

I bought some koolaid and guess what i did. I dyed and i call this one perty.
I also dyed the other one and i called it serenity.
It was fun the kids had fun and it was interesting how the colors came together.

It was a beautiful weekend here in Sc here is a pic this is the lake near our home. And the park we hang out its Finely park right smack in Columbia Sc.

Have a good week im going to be knitting
socks and here is a pic of my ripple so far.
Hugs kat

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