Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Craftypiggies Goodies

Welcome to my first blog.

Hi there IM a retired Librarian and I sell books for a living..Not much living LOL. But its fun. I sell at ebay, Yahoo, Bidville, Loudfrog, Hibidder, Bid Usa...And my Ebook Site yep lots of fun. Below the link section I show a few of the books I sell in the kaleidoscope.

I stay at home due to illness and take care of three grandchildren (post pics). So each day I try to stay busy and not go crazy LOL. We are talking about 3 small children. I hope you come back and check in sometimes I will have new stuff.

Does it resemble hello kitty I hope so?

I made this for my Granddaughter Katelynn she is 5 years old. She starts school this year and IM so happy for her because we live in the country and she has few friends and wants to learn so much about life. I have introduce her to the library and she loves to read so IM hoping she will love school. IM working a black stripe handbag I will post when I finish.

Was this last Halloween she was soooo cute ..

I would love to buy this car for katelynn its a hello kitty princess car soooooo cute!

My Beautiful Family LOL.

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